Decay. It affects everything. Decay is partly a result of time, a metaphysical phenomenon that God lives without. If there was no time, there would be no decay, there would be no aging.

This is an idea I have been juggling with over the past few weeks, ironically though, I have not had the time to produce an adequate exposition of this idea because of the fact that the idea is true.

I would love to divulge and produce and expository piece of writing around this idea but I have been busy with the mandatory avenues of life and studies and work. I have had no time for anything except this work and a few diluted exploits of some hobbies for at least a month now. I realize however that this is the way with life, one has a finite and predestined amount of time to work with, a predetermined set of moments with unlimited potential with which to learn, have adventures, explore the stars, invent, create, love, admire… however in this ‘present evil age’, a fair (or unfair) percentage of these moments are stolen. Stolen by the inevitability of decay and day to day necessities.

Necessities such as my studies. Or your school. Your 9 to 5 job. Cooking. Eating. Sleeping. Cleaning.

The doctrine of this life of decay and time in which the spiritually vagabond finds them self must be to somehow survive this. For centuries christians have done so by welcoming the idea of a life without decay, the kingdom of heaven in Mathews language, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of the only being uneffected by time and decay.

Jesus said that he came to give us life, Zoe in the Greek – life which is more than this mortal representation we loiter in. Zoe is not affected by time, Zoe is God’s very life, and Jesus said we could have it.

The truth of the matter for the spiritually vagabond however is that this Zoe is easier read about than actually lived. The key then is hope.

Just as hope was enough to counter balance all of the calamities and horrors in Pandora’s box, hope now must be just enough for the spiritually vagabond to contend with the loss of all of these stolen hours.

Hope for something very special, hope that when decay has finally taken us, we will awake to a time without time in the kingdom of heaven.

I have scrawled these ideas out with little re-reflection, as I steal back some minutes in rebellion against the tyranny of work and her deadlines, as she inflicts her rule of time hungry moment stealing decay, knowing full well that in the end she will die to herself as she succumbs to her own poison.

(in other words, I might rewrite this again in an unchallenged moment some time)