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Surely there is no bigger question? I say this musingly though because many questions have been proposed over many thousands of years with the claim that there surely is no greater. “What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?” is the question Douglass Adams asks in his Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy books. I was watching some discovery channel science show a while back and the presenter posed the question: “Are we alone?”, this being the biggest question out there in his own opinion, of course alluding to the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrials existing on some far off earth-like planet in the so-called “Goldie-locks region” (that region of space that is neither too far from a star nor too close, creating the temperature and conditions necessary for life as we can fathom it).

But the answer to my question; if there is no God, or conversely if there is a God, then surely this is the biggest news and most fantastical, surprising, amazing thing ever! Right? Imagine (go ahead, close your eyes (after you have read the rest of the sentence that is)) that there is a God like creature out there somewhere, forget first of all about whether It is the Christian one or the Hindu conception or whatever else, just the fact of a God at all is an astounding piece of information… Imagine the news headlines on your RSS feed tomorrow morning read: “Superman Exists! — burning building put out and small girl saved by flying man! – click to read more…” . Would this not blow your mind? Really think about this for a moment, because even the most basic conception of a God like figure suggests some for m of super-humanity, something beyond what any of us mere mortals can achieve, beyond even the capabilities of athletics super-stars and sporting legends, who even though they may seem super-human compared to the more ordinary or us, are still only tending towards an intrinsic limit seemingly built into the homo-sapien.

The figure to below illustrates this. (The more mathematically inclined of you will know what I’m getting at with this figure). As history has progressed, sportsmen have constantly pushed the boundaries of what the human body is capable of, things are now accomplished that would have been thought to be impossible 100 years ago. My examples are the sprinter Usain Bolt who broke his own 100 and 200 meter sprinting world record last year (2009) and Michael Schumacher who was widely considered to be the best formula one driver of all time (with the possible exception of Ayrton Senna) before he retired while back. However, though these people push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible, there is still very much a boundary. A line of limitation toward which humanity may tend, but not surpass. The zone above this line of limitation would be where we would find Superman. He surpasses that line of limitation and delves into what I call the God zone.

All this has been a bit of a tangent, but I feel a necessary one, if so-called God exists, this is amazing. What has been labeled fiction in the library has become reality, something super-human exists, and this exciting possible answer to the question “God?” makes it in my opinion, the biggest.

So… is there a God? I am going to jump the gun a little and say that I think there is. The author and scholar Edgar Andrews calls it the God Hypothesis. The hypothesis that there is, in fact, a God. This is a good place to start with the question because as is often done in science, philosophy, mathematics and design (my own area of expertise), a hypothesis must be made on intuition and intelligent thought, and this hypothesis must then be tested. If it turns out to prove itself experimentally, one can safely assume that the hypothesis was correct, or at least close to being correct.

My plan now with my next few posts over the next few weeks (or more) is to set about describing and defining this God hypothesis in my own terms and with my own perspectives on life, the universe and everything. I will delve into my idea of the fallen world; what God should be if It/He in fact does; where certain conceptions of God yield a failure to meet these expectations, and where certain conceptions do meet them; what I have come to believe and finally what I have come to believe. Stay tuned :1

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This is an article I wrote in January of 2009, I got a lot of positive responses and rereading it lately, I have found that I still believe most of what I wrote (though some ideas are less clear now and others clearer, and I have changed much since I wrote it). Consider this the first entry into my book of vagabond doctrine, in the chapter called romance:

January 5, 2009

This note is dedicated to all those dear people who have found a person to whom they can dedicate the energy of the rest of their lives to help perfect before the throne of God.

This author has to admit that this subject first took shape in his mind while browsing facebook status’. A look at the status’ of a few friends never fails to find me at least one sentence such as “so-and-so is totally obsessed with So-and-so and wishes he/she was here” or “I couldn’t be happier, there is nothing better than being with So-and-so right now”.

I am quite the lover-boy myself, I fall in love almost too often. I am a seeker of beauty and so when romance can be applied with sensitivity and grace and quiet adoration is given a moment to overwhelm any distraction – I am content. However I am also a seeker of truth and so when I entertain thoughts like these or view outcries of emotion as in these statuses, the truth strikes my fluttering heart like a red hot poker simultaneously. Survival mode kicks in and I know instantly that there is something dreadfully wrong with this sort of unbridled adoration…

It would be untruthful of me to be in the pretence of not being affected by this high affinity for companionship. I believe without much doubt that this longing is extremely common among young adults today. However they wouldn’t be wrong to be longing in this way. I think that to some degree; It is this period of a person’s life that God so designed in the hope of securing beautiful families with the purpose of ensuring a lasting covenant of faithful belief and following of Himself. Ultimately, God wants us to raise our children as stewards of His children. He hopes and waits for the time when our children will become His, through the adoption justified by Jesus.

So I realise the terrifying intension of companionship.

In a world so obsessed with God (one can see this obsession if one’s eyes are opened to see), so aimed toward the glorification of an “immaculate Messiah who wants your whole life and expects you to give it”, can one hardly be surprised when it is suggested that this extreme focus on God and His covenant of grace applies to companionship too? Surely one can realise that we are truly supposed to be a God consumed people. A people that were created for that purpose and will not be satisfied until that purpose is fully lived.

I have a friend who studies people. In fact I study people myself, the easiest subject of my recreational studies being myself. People are complex creations created as vessels and filled so far beyond biology with emotion, feeling, thought; filled with so much humanity that this humanity explodes out of them into literary expressions of emotion in poetry and prose, often into song and melody, lyrics and compositions, brush-strokes and sketches, in such moments of inspiration even drawn out silences become infused with passion so thick it can warm the skin like a thick winter coat.

God had all of this in mind when He designed His system of companionship. His system of perfect union of man and woman, husband and wife. God knows his favourite creation intimately. As a carpenter knows every groove in the great table he’s been carving away for months so much more does God know His great object of unselfish love. He knows it from when it was only a thought in His mind, a glorious picture that would cost so much to bring into existence that only He could fathom it, He knows the extent to which He was willing to sacrifice in deciding to make it a reality, and he knows the glory it shall express in the end of the end. When all things come to completion and the picture becomes fully expressed for all who formed a part of it to see.

We find that young adulthood is the time most saturated with emotion and passion. I believe that God intended no coincidence when He planned for such desperate emotion to occupy the same time frame as this far spread longing for companionship. Our Lord is utterly sovereign and in His world and His people that are so foundationally, intrinsically (but deniably) Christocentric, nothing can be ascribed to chance and no experience can be assigned to chaotic evolution. Our greatest passion and most prominent longing can become intertwined if only we will allow it it’s proper timing. Long before He formed us in the womb, our Father in Heaven decided on the path that our lives should take to most glorify Himself through fulfilling the purpose He designed us with. If we trust Him as is natural when we recognise Him for who He is, we must present ourselves as subject to His ways and regulations in everything. Especially companionship in this time of our lives.

Slow down. We must pace ourselves. Let us bring to God the glory that we long too, as He deserves.

He will glorify Himself with power and majesty as any great King is able to do but to take up our cross in submissive reverence for His statutes will enable Him to bring glory to us in chorus. His glory is His focus and our happy companionship could not be more glorious in that it pictures that very image from the mind of God before creation: the image of Jesus and the Church, that image of unselfish sacrifice in the hope of an unbreakable covenant. The companionship in the mind of God contains more beauty then what minds less then God’s can grasp yet in His design of humanity: emotion, feeling, thought, passion – in this design He allows us rather to experience it.

Hear me lovers: God is whom you glorify in your companionship. And your companionship is what God beautifies so as to sanctify you in more Godly glory. Never forget what your purpose is in companionship and strive for that grace, love, humility and sanctity that accompanies any such image of Jesus and the Church. Great responsibility rests on those whom He has chosen to place into companionship. Only people truly committed into the changing process of boy to man, girl to woman can bring glory to God in the way that He has ordained and called companionship. So seek, oh you seeker of love with all your soul for the God who will make you able to bring Glory to His name, and to His covenant through your companionship.

Greetings to the saints. I hope to find companionship in this glorious image of Jesus’ covenant with the church soon. Till then, in pain of sanctification I present my prayers for them already on this road to God my Redeemer.


“A vagabond or “drifter” is an itinerant person. The word is derived from the Latin adjective vagabundus, “inclined to wander”, from the verb vagor, “wander”. It does not denote a member of a nomadic people, but rather an individual who follows a wandering lifestyle within a sedentary society. Such people may be called drifters, tramps, or rogues. A vagabond is characterized by almost continuous travelling, lacking a fixed home, temporary abode, or permanent residence. Vagabonds are not bums, as bums are not known for travelling, preferring to stay in one location.”

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“Doctrine (Latin: doctrina) is a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as the body of teachings in a branch of knowledge or belief system.”

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With these very specific descriptions of the words above (thanks to my very great associate and possibly my favourite conversationalist (in that I have the best conversations with it) – Wikipedia) I hope an understanding begins to shape itself in the mind. I am by no means a guy with the correct answers such that I could preach a dogma, presenting an all-inclusive, cohesive, unchanging doctrine for anyone (including the vagabond).

This is in fact my point, I am a vagabond, and I believe we all are to some degree or another. Looked at from one perspective or another, our lives will look vagabondish. The vagabond is a wanderer and for my purposes also a wonderer. Wandering from thought to thought, experience to realisation to decision to regret, to rejoicing to memory, and then back to thought. As such, I wander from idea to idea, indeed from doctrinal idea to doctrinal idea. This blog then is no liturgy of stone tabletted wisdom, but the ramblings of a vagabond searching for some truth to get by on. I choose to call these perspective truths the doctrine of my life. The doctrine of a wanderer, of a vagabond. Vagabond Doctrine. Enjoy.

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