Surely there is no bigger question? I say this musingly though because many questions have been proposed over many thousands of years with the claim that there surely is no greater. “What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?” is the question Douglass Adams asks in his Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy books. I was watching some discovery channel science show a while back and the presenter posed the question: “Are we alone?”, this being the biggest question out there in his own opinion, of course alluding to the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrials existing on some far off earth-like planet in the so-called “Goldie-locks region” (that region of space that is neither too far from a star nor too close, creating the temperature and conditions necessary for life as we can fathom it).

But the answer to my question; if there is no God, or conversely if there is a God, then surely this is the biggest news and most fantastical, surprising, amazing thing ever! Right? Imagine (go ahead, close your eyes (after you have read the rest of the sentence that is)) that there is a God like creature out there somewhere, forget first of all about whether It is the Christian one or the Hindu conception or whatever else, just the fact of a God at all is an astounding piece of information… Imagine the news headlines on your RSS feed tomorrow morning read: “Superman Exists! — burning building put out and small girl saved by flying man! – click to read more…” . Would this not blow your mind? Really think about this for a moment, because even the most basic conception of a God like figure suggests some for m of super-humanity, something beyond what any of us mere mortals can achieve, beyond even the capabilities of athletics super-stars and sporting legends, who even though they may seem super-human compared to the more ordinary or us, are still only tending towards an intrinsic limit seemingly built into the homo-sapien.

The figure to below illustrates this. (The more mathematically inclined of you will know what I’m getting at with this figure). As history has progressed, sportsmen have constantly pushed the boundaries of what the human body is capable of, things are now accomplished that would have been thought to be impossible 100 years ago. My examples are the sprinter Usain Bolt who broke his own 100 and 200 meter sprinting world record last year (2009) and Michael Schumacher who was widely considered to be the best formula one driver of all time (with the possible exception of Ayrton Senna) before he retired while back. However, though these people push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible, there is still very much a boundary. A line of limitation toward which humanity may tend, but not surpass. The zone above this line of limitation would be where we would find Superman. He surpasses that line of limitation and delves into what I call the God zone.

All this has been a bit of a tangent, but I feel a necessary one, if so-called God exists, this is amazing. What has been labeled fiction in the library has become reality, something super-human exists, and this exciting possible answer to the question “God?” makes it in my opinion, the biggest.

So… is there a God? I am going to jump the gun a little and say that I think there is. The author and scholar Edgar Andrews calls it the God Hypothesis. The hypothesis that there is, in fact, a God. This is a good place to start with the question because as is often done in science, philosophy, mathematics and design (my own area of expertise), a hypothesis must be made on intuition and intelligent thought, and this hypothesis must then be tested. If it turns out to prove itself experimentally, one can safely assume that the hypothesis was correct, or at least close to being correct.

My plan now with my next few posts over the next few weeks (or more) is to set about describing and defining this God hypothesis in my own terms and with my own perspectives on life, the universe and everything. I will delve into my idea of the fallen world; what God should be if It/He in fact does; where certain conceptions of God yield a failure to meet these expectations, and where certain conceptions do meet them; what I have come to believe and finally what I have come to believe. Stay tuned :1

(, 2010-12-23)

(, 2010-12-23)